One day while coaching a mother and her daughter on standing side leg extensions, the yoga-strap buckle became uncomfortable for both of them. Later, I  searched another yoga strap that wouldn’t cause this discomfort and found none. Within the next few days of contemplating this dilemma, I woke with an idea that would not only alleviate the discomfort but also secure their foot comfortably by way of a central adjustable harness.

I spent most of my free time making and designing samples to experiment with between myself and my clients. I conducted surveys to find out what materials and variations of buckles worked and what didn’t.

After further exploration, I discovered that, not only could the MSS be used for stretch, yoga poses and resistance exercise but it could also be used as a postural device if we simply changed the material from inelastic to elastic.

Then there came the true test of a genuine need. A client I had been training had fractured her tibia at a sporting event. She was restricted to no movement from her knee for months. Though saddened by the muscle atrophy settling in post-injury, she was determined to keep her muscles we worked so hard to develop. Scratching my head, I wasn’t sure how to go about rehabbing her leg with movement restrictions. With the MSS we were able to break up scar tissue before it formed using resisted stretch and exercise. Before the doctor approved additional movement she was already moving her leg comfortably while exceeding the recommended range of motion and within 5-months post-injury we couldn’t tell the difference between which leg was injured and which was not. The MSS has proven to be suitable for everyone however active or if they are simply post-rehabbing an injury.


I got introduced to the mobility stretch during one of my personal training sessions with Andrea. I complained about being stiffed and in pain, because I do mostly sitting at work, so Andrea used the stretch to help me stretch to ease what I was experiencing. I did see the difference very quickly after using the stretch. I was able to stretch more easily on my own without pain. Since then, I am asking Andrea to include this part in my regular personal training routine because of the way I feel after the stretching – more flexible, less pain, less stiff.

I have been stretching with my trainer Andrea for over 8 months.  After several sessions, she introduced the stretch band into our workouts. I immediately noticed my ability to stretch further and felt I got a better workout. Since using the band, when I receive massages, my therapist has noticed less stress and tightness in my body and especially my back. I am more flexible now that I’m working with Andrea and her mobility band and look forward to many more sessions.