This is Joe’s first experience with the Mobility Stretch Strap for alleviating his tight leg muscles. He has been a truck driver for 34 years and has suffered from bone spurs, achilles tendonitis & plantar fasciitis for the love of the job. I have treated Joe with Trigger-point Therapy for his feet and low calves and now its time to implement the Mobility Stretch Strap to restore his full range of motion for his hamstrings, hips and low back. In addition, he has been given prescription single leg exercises to restore the synergistic muscular relationship from feet to gluteals. The prescribed insoles from his doctor did not help. As I explained to Joe, insoles would be like wearing a cast preventing the foot from moving in the shoe. The foot must be able to move and work with the calve, which works with the hamstring, which works with the glutes, which works with the low back. It is all connected. Shutting off one of these muscle groups can easily throw a monkey wrench into the kinetic chain. Joe loves his work so we need to make sure his body can keep up with it.