These series of leg stretches are intended to enhance functional ranges of motion and compliment other skillful techniques in bodywork such as Trigger Point Therapy, Chiropractic Adjustments, Cupping, Fascial Distortion Model, Active Release Technique, and Physical Therapy Exercises aiming to alleviate and prevent injury successfully.

This is a full leg stretch demonstration on an adjustable massage table implementing contraction followed by progressive relaxation using the Mobility Stretch Strap. Hanna is a sprinter and an Immigration Specialist who experiences occasional low back due to her sedentary occupation. She is determined to maintain an active lifestyle at all costs. Tight hamstrings, hip flexors and quad muscles are common in sprinters as well as contributors to low back pain. Using Progressive Relaxation facilitated against an assisted stretch with the Mobility Stretch Strap will help Hanna get back into her routine of enjoying her sprints as usual.